What Can GFD Do For You?


Your brand is the heart of your idea, the promise you make to your customers, the representation of a dream that has become reality. You know it and you’ve felt it since day one. Brands differentiate your ideas from everyone else’s. Grey Fox can help shape your awesome ideas and share your story.


Modern. Clean. Hero shot. Responsive. Boom! Yes, that can be done, but with laser-focus on your overall website goal, consistent with all of your branding material. The keys to conversion are in design and functionality–whether it be to signup for a newsletter, join a social group, or purchase goods and services. Web design goes hand-in-hand with your marketing and branding strategy.


Well, code is a requirement but it’s also a foundation. The speed and functionality of your website is determined by clean and smart development. The process of navigating a website, logging in, or buying Spiderman socks should be easy, maybe even a little fun, not slow and boring and clunky.

Search & Rankings

Search engine optimization has changed drastically over the years. It used to be a way to game the search engines so your website would appear at the top of many, many keyword searches, but it’s evolved into something more organic. Now the major search engines are geared towards more natural, authoritative, up-to-date content. They like responsive, mobile-ready websites too.


Best for last. With a custom app your brand and your organization will stand head and shoulders above the rest. You don’t have to be Google or Uber to have one. Maybe your entire business is based on an app. Here are some awesome uses for apps:

  • Contests/Giveaways
  • Project Management
  • Conventions/Events
  • Training
  • Time Management
  • Point of Sale
  • Games!

There’s probably a thousand others but you get the gist. You hand us the concept and we’ll breathe life into it.