About GFD

A long time ago, on a desk far, far away Grey Fox Digital was founded to give internet users a new hope. The online landscape was filled with chaotic code and poor design. Many websites were completely destroyed when viewed on a tablet or mobile phone. It was a time of great strife.

And then came a new era of content-focused, responsive web design, ushered in by companies like Grey Fox Digital.

Fueled by ever evolving web tech and eager to improve the overall online experience, Grey Fox Digital was founded in 2008 to create something better. Ever since then we’ve been serving individuals and businesses to forge awesome websites. We pride ourselves on flexibility, creative solutions, and dedication to our clients. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. Your business is our business and we don’t stop coding and clicking and testing until everything is just right.

Websites are the visual representation of a message or product. They are built for communication, built for business. But the second step is, how do you get that message out? How do you draw in visitors to make those conversions, to make those sales? With proper search engine optimization (SEO), with social media.

Grey Fox has your back on digital marketing strategies too, so that beautiful website of yours sinks into the eyes and minds (and hopefully hearts) of as many people as possible. From social media, SEO, and paid ads, we’ll get eyes on and fingers clicking for more of what you’ve got.